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How Influencer Marketing Is Helping Small Businesses In Pakistan

This marketing stint cost less, but earned high engagement through the Instagram and Facebook stories of influencers. Not just clothing brands, even home-based fitness businesses have started popping up in the country, supported by a before and after photo of clients and their transformation. GetFit Athletic is such a business that deals solely with home-based fitness clients. Even the ‘French fries wala’ benefits from influencer marketing when someone posts a status on a popular food group on Facebook to tell the world about the variety of flavors in his shop and tag the location for others to find. Pakistan To File For Damages On Default By Eni, Gunvor According to the survey, more than a third of small businesses that made at least 50pc of their sales digitally also reported improved sales overall. Kinara Capital has issued approximately Rs 3,000 crore in collateral-free business loans to date, facilitating financial inclusion for the country’s neglected small company owners. Ki